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Why choose us ?

A scalable and robust dedicated server solution is required to dominate your digital presence. Get a 24/7 smart hosting solution all about speed, quality, zero downtime, and performance. Get effective and quick support with the potential to accommodate increased loads while appealing to the pockets.

Powerful hosting plans

Powerful hosting plans

Strengthen the foundation of your website with super firm hosting. The hosting solutions are fabricated as per the needs of your business. So, whatever the size or kind of business you have, we have plans that look after your specific needs.

Increased security

Increased security

Launching a website is not just about getting you online. It is also about creating a safer and better UX for you. We fight frauds, spammers and invest in pushing your website to its full extent. We promote an online place where the novice, pro, tech-savvy, non-IT skilled, all can accomplish.  

Robust support

Robust support

We deliver extensive support to our customers. We reach out to them and are always happy to assist them throughout their journey.

Hand-in-hand with innovation

CJM is a robust web hosting firm. We believe in walking at a pace with the advancements and latest technologies. Our mission is to deliver innovated and updated ways to empower your website. We assist in harnessing the potential of the web with our extensive tools.

Comprehensive add-ons

Create unique passwords for restricting unauthorized access to your account. Generate a password for ownership and billing information, another for dedicated server access, and the master key for the entire account.

Require several accounts? Add VPS, Dedicated server hosting, or shared services to your account easily. Login and manage all shared web hosting services from a single place. 

The CDN is built into your account and increases your site’s performance automatically. You can incorporate CDN directly on your website without the need for changing codes. 

Use latest features such as log files access, secure shell access, and web-based management for email, databases, files, and more. Get easy file customization and management. 

Prevent the theft of identity, phishing attacks, spam, or access to personal information concerned with the domain name.  

Enable increased port control and protect your account by securing IP addresses assigned to websites.